The Honest Review about BTS Software Solutions: Revealing everything

What is BTS Software Solutions and what do they actually do?

Established in 2009, BTS Software Solutions earned a reputation for battlefield innovation by developing the first portable, tactical 3G network for the US Army. They worked hard to keep up with modern security and defense challenges. They used cutting-edge technology and teams of highly skilled employees to ensure satisfaction. Also, they have a proven track record of innovating. They have already spun out five successful commercial companies. This is all because of their advanced technologies and capabilities.

More about BTS Software Solutions

A small business, headquartered in Columbia, MD. BTS is a service-disabled veteran-owned company. Specialized in intelligence operations, strategic advisory services, software development, and advanced engineering. Their employees have real-world, hands-on experience with intelligence and engineering support operations in the US and abroad, while their leadership team is made up of over 50 years of experience in the Intelligence Security Command and the Intelligence Community.

  • 2009: BTS crosses the 25 employee mark
  • 20o9: BTS awarded Last Tactical Mile Contract
  • 2010: BTS wins Baltimore BEST Places to Work Award
  • 2011: US Army purchases PRAEFECTUS as Enterprise Wide Software
bts software solutions
Ribbon Cutting for BTS’ new office move in Jan 2020 to downtown Columbia, MD.

The BTS of the present, past, and future still pull from the same DNA. Battlefield technologies for saving lives. Innovation and creative thinking. Start-up mentality. BTS has a people-first approach and they all believe in our mission. BTS is always proud of the work they do and how it has helped create the culture at BTS.

You Can Visit the Official website of BTS Software Solutions here: which was founded in 2009 and has raised $175,000.

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