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Hollow Knight is an open-world Metroid-style action-adventure platformer developed and published by Team Cherry. Development was partially crowdfunded through Kickstarter, and it was released on PC, Mac OS, and Linux in 2017, and was released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2018.

Hollow Knight Walkthrough Longplay:

Final Boss in Hollow Knight Walkthrough

The Hollow Knight boss encounter is the final boss encounter in Hollow Knight. The Hollow Knight can be found in the Black Egg Temple in the Infected Crossroads after defeating the three Dreamers and absorbing their essence, breaking the seals.

After resting at the final Bench, head right into the next area and you’ll be locked in an arena with the Hollow Knight. Slash at the chains to release them and the final boss battle will begin.

RECOMMENDED CHARMS: Quick Focus, Mark of Unn, Longnail, Mark of Pride, Quick Slash, Soul Eater, Nailmaster’s Glory, Grubsong, Stalwart Shell, Spore Shroom

From time to time, the boss will attempt to use the same triple-slash from Phase One but may grow tired and fall to the ground after the first slash. Use this opportunity to counter-attack or heal.

Stay patient, focus on avoiding damage, and keeping your health topped off, and soon the Hollow Knight will collapse and victory will be yours.

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